Jazz Academy Miami (JAM) is dedicated to providing gifted students with the unique opportunity of an apprenticeship style of experience with world-class performers.


One of the most prolific ways of furthering the art-form we call "Jazz" is commonly overlooked; the apprenticeship. Before any scholastic program to teach "Jazz" formally was invented, eager musicians learned from each other and their older, more experienced peers. We believe that this is still how key connections are made, knowledge is passed on and the true essence of this music is revealed.

Jazz education has seen a tremendous boom in the past decades. Many music schools around the country have implemented rigorous four year degrees that are often extremely pricey, not very personal, and with varying results at best. At the Jazz Academy Miami LLC, we strive to maintain the integrity of an apprenticeship style of learning experience for the benefit of the student. In order to do so, we work exclusively with music professionals of the highest caliber. We feel that the roster of instructors and artists reflect our overall mission and quality of work perfectly.



Master classes

Learn from some of the world's most sought after jazz musicians in a uniquely intimate setting. This is where a true exchange between a teacher and an apprentice takes place.


An integral part of the Academy experience are performance opportunities in top venues in front of enthusiastic audiences. Students enjoy sharing their gifts on some of the city's most prominent stages. 



In collaboration with a local, educational institution that features a state-of-the-art recording facility, students have the unique opportunity to record their music.